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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Playing with COLOR

My color capers continues...this time around I tried blending reinkers with rubbing alcohol. You can see further information on Jody's blog post called "Drunken Watercolor". CLICK HERE. I took a couple of days coloring a whole page of Bellas and comparing all the variations of color. I also mixed in some more color with my markers too. These blended pretty well and really helped because I don't have very many reinkers. The trick is to color onto something nonporous that leaves the ink on top (not seeping in) like the back of a CD. Anyhow, I found this process very long and challenging. There definitely is a learning curve with this technique. If you decide to give it a try you'll need to practice-practice unless of course you are a natural. ;-)

For more ideas on non-Copic coloring techniques see Julie's video on Paper Pleasing Ideas. CLICK HERE.

Huggy Bella (From my pal, Kim Burress. HUGS KIM!)
"Hug" Sentiment from Queen Kat Designs
Doodle across the bottom is SU!
Freehand Doodling
Basic Grey Paper, TAC Cardstock
Palette Ink
Michael's Wedding Confetti
Iron-on Mini Jewels


leanne said...

What a fun card. Great coloring! And what a creative way to use that confetti. I like it!

Corie said...

Oh I love this -- so adorable!!

2 Worlds said...

Thank Nancy for the tip

Rose Ann said...

This is so cute, Nancy!! I love Bellas, and you've colored them so nicely!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

The colors look really good. I love them together.

Wendy Cassidy said...

I really like the coloring! Its a very cute card!

I gave you an award, come to my blog to see it!

Anonymous said...

Love the richness of your coloring.
Great card ...Of course~!!!

malieta said...

I love your card Nancy! I haven't tried color using this method but it sounds interesting.