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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Lookie what arrived for me on Monday!!! I can not express how much this excites me!!! That stamp set is one that I had really really regretted not getting when it was available for purchase with TAC. It was a limited edition collection and I totally spaced getting it. Thankfully an Angel came to my rescue and her name is Angela of Artistic Detours. Not only did she send me the stamp set but inside the box was some yummy treats and some of her handmade stamped goodies and to top it off some ribbon and felt flowers. What a blessing indeed!

If you want to be treated too you should stop by her blog and check out her stamping art. It's sweet, cute, and clever.
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Lindsay Spencer said...

Wow! That looks like lots of fun!

Angela K said...

Thanks for the kind words Nancy, I am glad the package arrived to you, enjoy!!

Flossie's Follies said...

What a cute card and that looks like a great stamp set, how wonderful if her to send it and those goodies.

kssdesigns said...

Isn't Angela a sweety! Glad you got the set you wanted. You're going to love it!

malieta said...

Your goodies are awesome Nancy! I love that particular stamp also and Angela's card is super cute.

Rose Ann said...

Wonderful, wonderful goodies!!