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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yikes, it feels like so long since I last made a post even though it's only been about a week. Thank you all for your sweet comments of well wishes and for still coming to visit my blog. Feeling like I have lately has even effected my stamping. I am thinking I'm gonna have to pile on some sketches to get my inky fingers back on track.

On a different note, I've come across a slight glitch with my Blog Blessings drawing last week. The first one is that I still have not heard from one of the winners and the second is that there was some confusion on the consolation prize. There were a few comments alluding to several of you being interested in receiving a TAC catalog. I've sent out all the catalogs to everyone that contacted me by email. If you are still interested in a catty please email me right away. Postage within the US is $4.60 priority mail. All requests received via email to me by this Friday (April 4th) will be in the running for the consolation prize.

My email address is: nancygrant@gmail.com.



Tanis said...

I got my catalogue on Tuesday and I LOVE it!! I'm feeling an order coming on...my goodness there are so many cool sets :) Thanks Nancy!

Fe-Fe said...

Hope you feel better soon Nancy. I'm missing your creativity!

Fe x

Beth said...

So glad to hear from you, Nancy! Was starting to worry a little bit! There has been so much illness it seems this year! Take care!

Cassandra Rae said...

Neat background in your photo!

Hope you are feeling better now

Hugs ~