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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It finally happend... I got my inky hands on some Copic markers. Nope, they are not mine...yet! None the less, I had a chance to give them a whirl and I am not sure what to think. My husband has encouraged me to pick some out and get'em but I'm not convinced that I have to have them yet. It would be crazy to pass this opportunity by so I am still deeply considering it. Here's a few of the images that I colored. I quickly noticed that they don't blend like Gamsol and Prismacolor pencils and they are totally different than watercoloring pencils. I had to completely put on a different thinking cap during my Copic play time. So, I'm gonna say what everyone else says about the experience. There is a big learning curve. It's a very big learning curve but I know I could get the hang of it if I was so blessed. What I recommend is if you are like me and don't have these incredible tools yet find someone that does have them and go a coloring.


Tanis said...

I STILL don't know anyone who has any!! I too am reluctant to buy them. I don't have extra cash to spend on them, and 2 or 3 colours are really no good to anyone.
Lucky that you got to try them :)
I'm waiting for that opportunity!

kssdesigns said...

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who has these and I tried them out before I purchased them. Great plan as they are spendy. She was also kind enough to share with me some things she learned in a Copic class too, so that really helped. They do have a big learning curve and are very different than any other medium, but once you lean how to use them they are great! I bet if you posed "how to" copic questions on your blog you'd get tons of assistance. I love what you've done with them so far!


malieta said...

Hey Nancy,
Your coloring is great!! Yes....Copics are different but you have the skills girl!