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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Simply Charming..

Guess who has sketch challenges on her blog too? Why it's Mrs. Amy Rysavy of course! When I first discovered the world of stamping blogs, her's was among the few that I could find and kept coming back to. I loved to check everyday to see her art and read about her life. Oh, the inspiration!!! Its no wonder that she's on so many design teams. Her cards and projects remain to be so clever and cute. Now a days, there are so many of us stampers that keep a blog that I just can't keep up. So many and so little time. YIKES!

This week I printed out a whole bunch of sketchs that I want to try and last night I sat down at my desk and stamped away. It felt good to create and then create some more. Me at my desk, singing with the tunes loaded on my iPod and my husband a few feet over glued to his computer trying to complete a video game mission. Talk about spending quality time together...and I mean this with the utmost respect. This is the benefit of sharing a creative space. We can both be close but still be able to do our own thing. My favorite is being able to turn to him with my finished cards and say, "What do you think?" A lot of the time he likes what I make and will tell me at least one thing that catches his eye but when it's something he doesn't care for he usually responds, "Well, it's not my style." :-)

So here it finally is. A card designed with one of Amy's sketches! Thanks Amy for the stamping inspiration! I hope you all enjoy this little ditty.

Nancy Grant

Queen Kat Designs Diva Monster
My Mind's Eye Designer Papers
Palette Ink
Prismacolor Pencils blended with Gamsol
Tombo Markers
Dew Drops
Liquid Lacquer


Flossie's Follies said...

Love your card, your Diva Monster is adorable.

Deborah said...

Adorable card! I can just picture the two of you! You making cards with the ipod going and hubby doing his computer thingie! Happy stampers are happy wifes! (wink)! Deb

Tanis said...

Cutie google eyes!!
I love our "shared" space too. Our living room/dining room/kitchen is all open. I craft on the DR table, so our whole family is usually together in this area. We might be each doing something different, but we're all interacting with each other. I love it!