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Monday, January 28, 2008

Paper Bag Purse Tutorial

Here's a little ditty I put together for Queen Kat Design's Monthly Newsletter. It's a cute way to store pictures, cards, notes, or letters in a clever purse made with your run of the mill paper bag. Sounds like something you'd like to make? Here's how...

1 x Paper Bag
1 x Paper Bag Handle (You can find these already made on a paper grocery bag)
Designer Papers (Basic Grey)
Embellishments (Eyelets, Button, & Prima Flower)
Queen Kat Stamps (Feeling Blocks)

1) Lay bag out with the bag bottom flap up.
2) Unfold the bag bottom flap. You are actually refolding just the bag bottom flap in half and the fold that you just created is hidden.
3) Hamburger fold the bag. This is folding the bag in half vertically (to make it fat like a hamburger bun).
4) Adhere designer paper to the front as your base.
5) Stamp a strip of solid paper with your favorite Queen Kat Designs stamps.
6) Adhere the stamped strip to the top of the the designer paper base and embellish.
7) Attach the paper bag strap with eyelets to the front. This keeps the straps out of the way of the pockets.

Optional Design Element: Stamp the paper bag straps in coordinating ink and designs. Additional flowers and ribbons can be added to your liking.


Rose Ann said...

Wow...that is too cool, Nancy!! I love it! Thanks for the directions!!

kssdesigns said...

This is really cute! I'll have to give it a try.

2 Worlds said...

this is a great project Nancy !

Michelle said...

Absolutely terrific! thank you for the tutorial!

Tricia said...

Great project, Nancy! I've got to see if I can figure this out!

chelemom said...

This is absolutely adorable!!! What a great idea for gifts!

Toni said...

Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!