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Thursday, January 17, 2008

BLOG Party Challenge Day 2

The Queen Kat Designs Blog party is still going on right here and I am so excited to have received so many comments with round one! You all ROCK! So are you up for the next challenge? It's a fun one too!

Make a card or scrap page with the Queen Kat Design logo color combo of pink, black, and white. Use any or all of these colors. You can enter as many cards as you want and I will accept your links or jpgs in the comments section of this post all the way up to the end of January 19th.

Extra entry if your card was created with QKD stamps only.

Queen Kat Designs

DETAILS: Every day I will put all the qualifying entries in a hat and at the end of the three days I'll randomly pull a name out of the hat.


Beth said...

I'm working on an entry but have to go take a nap because I work tonight in the emergency room so it may take awhile to finish- not due to the fact that it is elaborate but that life just seems to cause so many distraction to fun!!!! Thanks for hosting this awesome contest!

CAKVD said...

Here is a black and white Christmas card that I made using QKD stamps!!


Cheryl KVD

laurie serino said...

Thanks Nancy, this color challenge really made me think outside my comfort zone. You know I don't ever use these colors, but I really like the way my card came out !

Stephanie Earls said...

I loved this color challenge from the first second that I read it. I knew exactly what I was going to do. Here it is..http://stephanieearls.blogspot.com/2008/01/

So fun to make! Thanks.

C70 said...

this is fun! i love that color combo!

are we limited to these colors only? thanks!

Flossie's Follies said...

I knew the exact card I wanted to make, it is on my blog. www.flofollies.blogpot.com Even though it is the weekend and I don't blog, saw the challenge yesterday and had to do it. Have a great weekend, stay warm and in the light.

Stephanie Earls said...

Here's my second entry for this challenge..http://stephanieearls.blogspot.com/2008
Snow is headed our way. I hope I don't lose my satellite internet again!

Susie Blackwell said...

Heres my Card Nancy......


Susie xx

C70 said...

Hi, Nancy.

Here are 4 entries for this challenge. Thanks!


C70 said...

oops! i meant 5 entries :) thanks!

JenMarie said...

I signed the guest book and commented on the gorgeous cards in the More on the Way entry!

ScrapAloha said...

Here is my entry. Thanks for the challenge! http://scrapaloha.blogspot.com/

Beth said...

Nancy- Here is my entry. My 10-year-old daughter loved the color combo so... much that she had to make a card to enter, also. Hers is on the same post as mine. It was a great afternoon stamping with her! Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity! Hope you are staying warm!

Beth said...


Oops! Here's my link- Beth

Angel Wilde said...

I am a day late posting my card, but here's my submission: