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Sunday, December 9, 2007


I was tagged by Jill of InkGenious a few days back. Have you ever seen Jill's art? If you haven't you really should. I am a huge fan of hers. Her work is original, clean, and clever. LOVE-LOVE IT! Back to being tagged... it's a Christmas themed tag. My sister sent me an email very similar to this tag and it sure did make me smile when her husband responded to the questions.

Here we go:
What is your most enduring Christmas memory? I think the most enduring Christmas memory I have is of the very first "Tree Trimming" party that I we all attended as a family. This is going way back. It's an endearing memory for the joy I had that night. We sang carols, my Grandpa read of the birth of Christ from the Bible, we trimmed the tree, and had lots of laughs. Wonderful memories. :-)

Do you have a favorite piece of Christmas music? Oh, there are so many favorite Christmas songs that I love.... I love to sing. :-)

What makes your mouth water at Christmas time? MMMM...chocolate covered almond and cranberry clusters or peanutbutter balls. Both of which that I make annually.

Do you stick to the old family traditions?It's so hard to stick to the traditions when we travel so much for the Christmas season. We tend to go by the traditions of the family members that we are visiting.

How soon do you put up your tree and when do you take it down?If I put up a tree I would want it down the day after Christmas.

Thank you Jill for thinking of tagging me.
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!


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