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Sunday, August 12, 2007


It's kinda hard to type out my coloring techniques but since you have asked I thought I would share. I've had lots of support and helpful tips from the ladies at Split Coast Stampers. I tend to learn from observation and trial and error. So, when you see something that is colored well give it a good look over and try to visualize how the artist blended everything together. Notice the depth of field, highlights, and shadows. I tend to mix different kinds of coloring tools also. Sometimes I will color an image in pencil, blend it out with Gamsol, and then highlight with markers or a gelly glaze pen. The best advice I have is...PRACTICE-practice-practice.

Items List:
Prisma Colored Pencils
Blending Stumps
Gamsol (Oderless Mineral Spirits - OMS)
Palette Ink
Rubber Stamp
Sand Paper

1) Stamp your image on quality paper that can withstand blending. Use an ink that won't bleed like Palette ink.

2) Outline the areas that you want to color with Prisma colored pencils. You don't have to completely fill it in. The Gamsol will help you move the colors out and blend them together over to the uncolored areas. Also leaving some of the image not colored helps you obtain the highlights that is needed to make your image pop.

3) Dip the tip of your blending stump into the Gamsol and start blending the lightest colors first. Move the stump over the outlined colors to the uncolored areas. Sometime I use a swirling motion with the larger areas. I also blend the colors together in straight lines too. It depends on the effect I am going for.

4) Use the sand paper to sharpen your blending stump or to take the color off the tip. You don't have to have a million blending stumps to blend with. I use one stump with both ends sharpened. That's all it takes for me.

5) Go back over the areas that need to be darkened with your pencil. This doesn't have to be the same color you started with. I often use two different colors to make everything match. Take a look at the prego ladie's hair and pants. I used the same brown in her hair to add a touch of color in her pants. I also went back and added blush and lipstick on her face after I had applied her face tint.

6) Let your image dry. It's not super wet but I've noticed the colors will soften as the Gamsol evaporates.

7) Embellish your image with Stickle, gelly roll pens, flowers, etc.

The stamp I used for this sample is from The Angel Company's set called "How Swell".

Again my best advice it to PRACTICE. If you have any questions please let me know. I'd like to help... and most of all... have fun with coloring!


Mar2 said...

Sounds EASY!

Now to find Gamasol:)

Sounds like just a touch of

Thank You so much..!!

Flossie's Follies said...

Great job, love how you did the pants in the image.

Shannon K said...

THANK YOU NANCY!!! I have to try this out. I just hope I can color as beautiful as you!!!

kssdesigns said...

Thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial. I think it will come in handy and I think you're right, practice practice practice!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for the tutorial! Looks easy but we'll see.

chelemom said...

Your coloring is awesome!

Rose Ann said...

Great tips! Your coloring always looks so amazing, Nancy!

Michelle said...

Great colouring. This is my weak area.

Mary Moilanen said...

Thanks for the tips. Coloring is not one of my better qualities. I will definitely try this.

Heather P. said...

Wow, this is GREAT! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Jen said...

this is awesome!!!!


Maria said...

Fabulous coloring and your tutorial is great! Very easy to follow.


2 Worlds said...

Nancy where we get this Gamsol?

nic_d said...

Beautiful...truly a work of art!

mabelle said...

Hi Nancy!!

What a wonderful job coloring my Swell stamp design!! I just love it! I also love how you paper piece it...

Sending hugs from sunny Florida!

mabelle R.O.
TAC #24

Jen said...

i bought the gamasol spray... do I spray it in a small container so I can dip into it, or are you talking about something else?