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Saturday, August 4, 2007

M-m-m GOOD!

Laurie, Stamping for God's Glory, posted a great question this morning. She made some cookies for her husband to give out while he went visiting today. Laurie's question was if anyone knew of a box or bag tutorial for cookies. I thought about it for awhile but didn't get back to her soon enough. She had already made these cute ziploc sleeves to for the cookie baggies. They came out really cool! You can see one on her blog as well as one pictured here. My husband went with her husband visiting and they wound up with one extra bag of cookies... guess what Andrew brought home for us? COOKIES with a very cool hand stamped wrapper!!! That Laurie is a keeper!


Stamp Paper Scissors said...

I usually use the tie tin bags. The kind that you grind coffee up in at the grocery store. I have a coffee shop that will sell them to me for about 5 cents a piece. If you email me your addy I will mail you some.


: )

Eva said...

Love this...what a great, simple idea!

Rebecca said...

what a great idea! I love what you and Laurie "cooked up" LOL!