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Friday, August 24, 2007

Indexing UM's

I love my unmounted stamps (UM). I've seen many ways of mounting rubber over the last year and I thought I'd share how I've started to index my rubber stamps on Creative Cling. I am using a set from The Angel Company called "He Said She Said" and my Palette ink in Noir Black as the example.

If you are a visual person these photos should help. :-)

1) Peel the paper off the cling side of the Creative Cling.
2) Ink up your sheet of rubber.
3) Line up your cling above the inked rubber and stamp.
4) Lift up the stamped cling carefully.
5) Blot the inked cling on scratch paper.
6) Turn the rubber over.
7) Peel the paper off the sticky side of the Creative Cling.
8) Line up the cling with your rubber. Inked side up.
9) Adhere the sticky side to the back of the rubber.
10) Trim your rubber.
11) And wha-la! You are ready to store your indexed stamps!

I currently store all my unmounted stamps in jewel cases and I have them categorized in canvas drawers in my craft box.


Corie said...

Thanks for the tips!!

Flossie's Follies said...

This is so cool, thanks for the tip

Heather P. said...

What a fabulous tip!!

Sarah said...

Great pics and directions for this!! I've actually never tried this yet, but really need to. I was at the CK convention in Tulsa, OK today and there was a TAC booth there- their stamps were indexed and they had a print out of how to do it. That's cool that you showed it on your blog today! :)

Julia Stainton said...

What a fabulous tip! I love it!