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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sweet Somethings- Heidi

Blogging and burfing (blog surfing) sure has opened the doors to learning new techniques, finding sketch challenges, and making new friends. I would of never found blogs if it weren't for Split Coast Stampers. SCS has a section listing members that keep blogs. It's a great resource. Besides the blog list I've found bloggers off of SCS from individual posts and comments. One of my favorite galleries is by Heidi Kingery, user name SweetHeidiJo. I love her work and she uses The Angel Company Stamps too! I was on her blog, Sweet Somethings, last month and noticed a very helpful tip. With Heidi's permission I am going post her tip here too. It's on conditioning acrylic stamps. You can find her post here.

This is directly from her blog. Also included is her comparison photo.

"I also wanted to share a tip that Amy S. shared with me the other day about the acrylic/clear stamps. She said to use a pencil eraser (don't use a white artists eraser, those don't work) and drag it all over the surface of the stamp. The next time you ink up you will have a much clearer image.

I did a comparison of before and after to show you what a difference it makes! Make sure you click the pic to make it bigger so you can really see. It might not be a ginormous (love that word) difference but it definitely is noticeable on a card you've worked hard on!"

Through our correspondence Heidi also suggested that you can ink up the acrylic stamp in Versamark before stamping into dye ink. This gives the ink something to grab onto. She encouraged me to include a comparison photo too. I included both tips. Unfortunately, you can't make out much of the differences but I'm telling you if you do use clear stamps Heidi's tips sure do help. :-)

I almost forgot to say thank you! THANK YOU HEIDI! Thank you for letting me share your tips and thank you for responding to my emails. Big SMILES!

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Flossie's Follies said...

Thanks for the tip, have a lot of those Michael's $ stamps, I can use this on.

KIMBERLY said...

Thanks for sharing Nancy! where did you find the place to get every one's blogs?

Corie said...

Thanks for the tip.