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Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's NOT Too Late

That's right. It's not too late to send your card(s) to Karen. Kat, Doodles and Dragonflies, sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer and here's what she has asked:

"So I'm asking a favor of you. Will you help me fill her mailbox in the coming weeks with love, laughter, hope, and prayers? I would love for her to walk out there and find a least one card a day from a stranger that is thinking of her. If not, would you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery."

Please read the entire post. Click here.

I mailed her my card yesterday. Ellie and I made a whole trip out of it. I bundled her up under my jacket and walked to the post office. It was a beautiful day... maybe in the 50's with a very slight wind. We got two blocks down the street and she conked out. Five feet from the PO front door and guess who showed up? Andrew/Daddy! He came to give us a ride home. That was so sweet of him because by this time Ellie was getting a tad heavy. Who would of thought that all twelve and a half pounds of her would feel like so much more? It was a perfect ending for our outing. I don't have any photos from our walk but I thought I'd share this cute snapshot of Ellie. She discovered her feet last week.

Now back to cards for Karen...can you guess which card I sent to Karen? The first person to guess correctly will receive a little Inkcicle goodie from me. It will be something light that I can send in an envelope. :-)

UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER! The card I sent to Karen was the bright floral with the sentiment "In My Thoughts". Thank you ladies for posting your guesses.


chelemom said...

How sweet of you...and your daughter is adorable! I will go on the link tonight to send a card!

Cassandra Rae said...

Ooooo....I want an inkcicle goodie! Did you send her that pretty pink & green one that says "thoughts of you" on it? It's posted from a few days earlier.

Smiles ~

Flossie's Follies said...

How cute she is, my guess would be the "Thoughts of you" Card that you just posted the other day, but see that someone else has also come up with this answer. Bummer, have to be quicker

Cassandra Rae said...

My 2nd guess is the other pink & green card that says "in my thoughts". This was actually the one I meant to say previously as it is very close to "in my prayers". I hope my 2nd guess is right!!!!

Corie said...

She is so cute.

Rebecca said...

How wonderful of you to do!