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Saturday, June 23, 2007

ANSWERS to Your Questions

I frequently get questions about my life here in the arctic. Usually I try to email the person directly with an answer but I received two comments that I wanted to share. They are both from cndymkr/Jean. She wrote a comment on "Friday Fun" and "PO Presents". Here's what she wrote:

cndymkr has left a new comment on your post "PO Presents!":
You have the nicest friends. That says so much about you and them.

MY RESPONSE: Wow! I guess I never thought about it other than how much I appreciate everyone's kindness and friendship. It is something I don't take for granted that's for sure. It's nice to be surrounded by people that care about me and that like to make paper art. It has also been a huge blessing to meet ladies from all over the US. Knowing what is happening with others and to read about my new friends lives has helped me not to be so self-centered. So, thank you Jean for the comment. It has caused me to pause and thing about it.

cndymkr has left a new comment on your post "FRIDAY Fun":
With the high prices on milk and fruits what native foods are available to you. Are a creative type who can make a meal out of just about anything. Good Luck

MY RESPONSE: It sounds like you are an experienced woman in there area. Not too many people would think of that kind of question. Yes, there are many different types of native foods here like fish, seal, walrus, caribou, duck, and whale. That is if you hunt or knows someone who does hunt. Here we call it a subsistence lifestyle. Although I am half native (Inupiat/Eskimo), I did not grow-up here which means that I have not acquired a taste for native foods. Laurie actually cooks a great caribou fajita. She's not from here either but her husband grew-up on the Slope and is a fabulous caribou hunter.

I am a hunter... a bargain hunter! Andrew and I shop the sales here in town and check out the half-off bins too. Barrow has one bigger store that has a little bit of everything from produce to underwear. We also have two smaller stores and a Quick Stop. Our biggest store is about half the size of a SafeWay or an average sized supermarket in the lower 48. We usually only shop at the bigger store because it's the most convenient. For the items we don't get on sale we order with Span Alaska or call an expediting service to shop for us in Anchorage. Either way we have to pay extra for shipping or air freight. Thank God that He is our provision and we have what we need plus some. Back to Jean's comment, I am the creative type with our meals. Left-overs are not to go to waste and thankfully Andrew loves my cooking.

PHOTO: I took this photo in February down the street from where I live. My neighbors made some great snow sculptures in celebration of Spring Festival.


Peggy Maier said...

What neat snow sculptures! And, yes, it is nice to be able to think about others & get involved with their lives. Makes this world a lot smaller, doesn't it?

Flossie's Follies said...

Thanks for sharing your life in the Artic with us, love the snow sculptures, you have talented neighbors.

cndymkr said...

Thank you for answering my questions. I am fascinated by your life up, way up, North. I find it so wonderful that our lives are so different, our way of life so different yet our interests in cards is so similar. I hope you'll continue to post photos of your daily life and tell us stories about your life. But most of all I hope you continue to create and inspire with your cards.

Jen said...

oh wow!! how cool! thanks for sharing this. I guess I'm not the only one facinated about you, my dear friend that lives at the top of the world... I think it's sooo way cool!!!

hugs n' aloha,

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing!