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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

REdo - It's a Card Cover Up!

Have you ever made a card and put it down and then some time later you come back to it and think "This just won't do! I don't like it at all." Well, that's what happened with this creation. Thankfully I was able to take it apart and salvage the card stock to make a totally new card. Most rubber stamping yuckies can be covered-up over and over until you get a design that looks pleasing. The entire front had to be concealed to hide the remnants of the old design. Whew! I'm glad that you can't see what used to be there. So here it is with a fresh face...it's a REdo.

Card Details:
Stampin' Up! Happy Harmony
My Mind's Eye Scrap Papers
Versa Magic Chalk Ink mixed with Palette Ink
$1 Ribbon from Michael's (Stacy Smith picked up this ribbon for me last time she went down to Anchorage. What a blessing!)

1 comment:

Colleen Schaan said...

This is a great card...I bet the other one wasn't as bad as you thought though...I really like the colors in this. Neat blog! Found you through Allison's.