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Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Tennants

We might have new tenants in our bird house. This is our third summer in our home and I don't think that there has ever been any birds in our birdie quarter. I saw this little birdie with some grass in it's beak yesterday. He kept a nervous eye on me as I watched him. Today he was perched right outside again. I don't know... I could be wrong... it would be nice to have new neighbors. New birdie neighbor that is.

Speaking of birds. Right across the street tonight I spied a small group of geese or ducks. I'm not a bird expert so I really don't know what kind of fowl they are. However, I enjoy watching them and trying to get a good photos. It's cheap entertainment. Anyhow, here's the best bird stalking snap shot from tonight. I was worried that the watcher bird would tell the other guys that I was coming too close and to flee. They do that too! One will always be keeping watch as the others eat or rest and the moment he sees you coming too close he will squack the alarm. Half the time they fly away the other half they waddle further out. It's a good system I guess.


Anonymous said...

Birdie neighbors are the best neighbors for sure! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Peggy Maier said...

Sure would be nice to get closer, but I'm sure they'd rather be careful of those large, scary humans!