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Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday evening we went out for a drive. It was so nice to be outside. The weather was gorgeous! It was probably 20 plus degrees with hardly any wind. I loved it. I thought I'd show you a couple of pics from the drive. The first one is of me and my daughter, Ellie Rose, and the second is a landscape. Wonder what the arctic looks like right now. That's it. White with specks of tundra and dirt here and there. We saw a few ducks flying about and way off in the distance I saw a flock of black dots. I wish I would of remembered to take the binocs. I don't know if I shared this but I am half native, Inupiat Eskimo. Hence the parka. I think I would want one even if I wasn't native. They are so pretty and functional. My Mom and I made the parka cover together a year ago. I love how it turned out. We will have to design and make a new one when this one wears out. I need a better lining that's for sure. I can feel the wind through this one when it's really blowing. That can be life threatening if we ever got stuck outdoors. When the baby gets bigger I will carry her on my back under my parka. She's small enough to carry in the front for now. Guess that's it. I'm off to stamp... I'll share it later.

OOPS! I forgot to put this one in too! Here's Andrew, my husband, holding Ellie in our muddy car. We don't have pavement here. Mud is a part of Spring break-up. We'll wash the car when it's warm enough not to freeze the doors shut.


beate said...

Nancy, your pictures are gorgeous! Seeing you all bundled up makes me appreciate Florida sunshine even more!

Peggy Maier said...

Beautiful parka - I'd want one too! AND what a beautiful little girl! Neat pictures. Hard to imagine life in a landscape like that - too comfortable in my TX life. : )

Flossie's Follies said...

What a sweet baby, although I am a warm weather person, the scenery is gorgeous.

Princess Matilda said...

You have a gorgeous family, and though I hate the cold, your pictures make me want to move to Alaska. It looks so remote and quiet. Great blog!